room to relate 


Welcome. You have found your way to Room to Relate, where counselling for individuals, couples, families, separated and divorced people, helps find clarity through times of difficulty. Room to Relate provides counselling for people who are separated or divorced, single or partnered, in same sex or opposite sex relationships, and of all cultural backgrounds. Many people already know the solutions they need or can see the cause behind the difficulties they are experiencing. Exploring it through counselling at Room to Relate helps to find a deeper understanding of the problem, gain a clearer perspective and improve relationships. Room to Relate will also help provide the knowledge and skills needed to manage future challenges and to cope with difficulties as they arise. This includes supporting you to create your own solutions to strengthen and repair your relationships.


counselling explained


Counselling provides a space to talk confidentially with a professionally trained person, to identify, understand and clarify issues that you are concerned about. In a supportive and respectful space, issues that may be too difficult or too overwhelming to solve alone or with the help of friends or family, can be explored and clarified in counselling. Issues vary depending on what people are going though in their lives and may include depression, anxiety, grief and loss, childhood abuse, domestic and family violence, and addiction. Or there may be couple issues, step family or blended family issues, conflict with family members, friends, conflict within the workplace, or relationship breakdown and co-parenting difficulties.